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My cat walks into the street. It is 1994. There are no cars in the street. My cat walks down the street very slightly then stops. My cat starts walking back towards my house. My cat stops in the drive outside my house. My cat has recently been fed (half a tin of Whiskers cat food, beef flavour) and had something to drink (a bowl of seven-hour-old tap water). My cat is not sure what to do with itself. My cat is about to go back inside my house when a stretch limo pulls up in the street. The stretch limo is a shining black colour. It is the only car in the street. My cat looks at the stretch limo over its shoulder. The door to the stretch limo opens. Two men are sitting in the back of the stretch limo. The men are Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. Keith Richards says, ‘Please join The Rolling Stones,’ to my cat. My cat looks at Keith Richards. Keith Richards is holding a glass of champagne. My cat walks towards the stretch limo and jumps inside, landing on Keith Richards’ lap, thereby non-verbally joining The Rolling Stones. Keith Richards strokes my cat. The stretch limo drives to a rock concert where my cat and the rest of The Rolling Stones play a sold-out gig. After the gig, my cat gets back into the stretch limo, thereby non-verbally severing its contract with The Rolling Stones, and the stretch limo drives my cat back to my house where it goes inside using the cat flap on the back door and falls asleep on the end of my bed.